Quincy Police Department and Breakstone, White & Gluck Giveaway Free Bicycle Helmets at Quincy DARE Camp and Norfolk DA’s Basketball Camp

Quincy police officer fits a helmet
Quincy police officer fits a helmet

Quincy Police Officer Hartnett fits bicycle helmets at the city’s DARE camp. Breakstone, White & Gluck and our Project KidSafe campaign donated helmets for the 106 students. Photo: Quincy Police Department.

For the second year, Breakstone, White & Gluck has teamed up with the Quincy Police Department to help children ride safely on bikes. Our lawyers donated 200 bicycle helmets to the Quincy Police Department as part of our 2018 Project KidSafe campaign. Officers been distributing helmets across the city.

More than 100 helmets went to fifth graders at the Quincy Police Dare camp. Another 35 helmets went to students from the Germantown Neighborhood Center, who participated in Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey’s Basketball Camp. This camp was held in partnership with the South Shore YMCA.

DARE Camp. Quincy Police offer this camp each year for 5th graders across the city. Students are treated to summer’s best: day trips to amusement parks, summer games and meet-and-greet sessions with Quincy police officers of all ranks, from the marine patrol, to detectives to the chief.  The Quincy Police bike patrol leads one of the most popular sessions. Officers answer questions on a wide range of topics, from bike locks to safety vests, riding with friends and other topics. This year, much of the session focused on the wearing bicycle helmets to prevent concussions and head injuries. After the talk, students each received a free bicycle helmet from Breakstone, White & Gluck’s Project KidSafe campaign. Quincy police officers showed them how to fit the helmets and stressed the importance of always wearing one.

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey’s Basketball Camp

Children from the Germantown Neighborhood Center visited the South Shore YMCA for the basketball camp. The camp teaches basketball, but many lessons focus on good decision making off the court. One lesson focused on fire safety and prevention, with a visit from the Quincy and Weymouth fire departments, along with a Norfolk County deputy sheriff. The Quincy Police Department’s bike patrol brought the lesson on safe riding, then gave away free bicycle helmets from our Project KidSafe campaign. Read this article in the The Patriot Ledger.

The Importance of Wearing Bicycle Helmets

In a few weeks, students will be pulling out backpacks and getting ready for a new school year. In Quincy, students who live within a mile of their school must generally be dropped off by parents, walk or ride a bicycle. Many of them will ride. We hope the good efforts of the Quincy Police Department, combined with the bicycle helmets donated by Breakstone, White & Gluck and our Project KidSafe campaign, will help steer students toward a safe school year.

Breakstone, White & Gluck, a Boston personal injury law firm, represents cyclists, pedestrians and others who have been injured in car and truck accidents. Over the years, our attorneys have seen cyclists who have suffered devastating head injuries.

With the number of cyclists growing in Boston and other communities, our firm set out to reduce the risk of concussions and head injuries. We began with children; by teaching children to wear helmets early, we hope to develop a life-long habit. This takes more than a free bicycle helmet. It takes positive reinforcement on all fronts, from parents, other students and respected community members such as police officers and teachers.

Research supports this view. In 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported children are less likely to wear helmets when they ride with other unhelmeted children. But children were twice as likely to wear bicycle helmets when other children wore them or other adults wore them.






Breakstone, White & Gluck and Quincy Police Donate 100 Helmets to Fifth Graders at Bike Safety Presentation

Quincy police officers and kids wearing bike helmets

Photo Courtesy: Quincy Police Department Facebook Page. Breakstone, White & Gluck and our Project KidSafe campaign recently teamed up with Quincy Police to donate 100 bike helmets to fifth graders.

On a bike, wearing a helmet is the most important step, Quincy police officers said yesterday.

Breakstone, White & Gluck and the Quincy Police Department teamed up to give away 100 new bike helmets on Monday, during the department’s annual D.A.R.E camp at Pageant Field. But first, Lieutenant Bina and other bike safety officers shared tips for riding safely.

First, the officers said wearing a helmet saves lives and is the law for kids in Massachusetts. Officers then knocked down a big myth, that wearing a helmet does not look cool. “Oh, it’s definitely cool,” officers assured the kids. “And please share the message with your friends.” As proof, Lieutenant Bina modeled his own helmet. Everyone agreed. He looked cool.

Other tips? At red lights, cyclists must stop. But at crosswalks, officers suggested kids get off their bikes and walk across the street with pedestrians. Wearing bright colors to stand out is a must, while riding with friends is a good way to watch out for each other. And because bikes are too easily stolen, every cyclist should have a bike lock.

The officers’ final tip: always replace helmets if they crack, if you take a fall or are involved in a bike accident. Helmets must be in good condition to protect you.

Quincy Police Department is hosting roughly 100 students at its two-week DARE camp. The camp is open to students across the city, but space is limited and it fills up quickly. The camp provides students a way to learn about the police department, with visits from officers from all areas of the department, and to have a fun summer experience with other kids and police officers.

Breakstone, White & Gluck and our Project KidSafe campaign have partnered with the Quincy Police Department twice this year, donating a total of 200 helmets for city kids. In April, we donated 100 helmets for the Healthy Kids Day event at the South Shore YMCA and for officers on patrol to give to children who needed one. This week’s donation went to older kids heading to middle school this Fall.

About Project KidSafe
Since 2013, Breakstone, White & Gluck and our Project KidSafe campaign have donated over 10,000 bike helmets to protect children in Massachusetts. Our firm has represented cyclists who have been injured in bike accidents for over 25 years and we know that wearing a helmet can make all the difference for a cyclist. We are committed to protecting cyclists and preventing head injuries. Toward that goal, we have partnered with over 40 police departments, bicycle committees, community organizations and schools who are committed to keeping children safe. We are pleased to partner with Quincy Police.

About Breakstone, White & Gluck
With over 100 years combined experience, the attorneys of Breakstone, White & Gluck fight for justice for those who have been injured by negligence and wrongdoing of others. If you have been injured, contact us for a free legal consultation at 800-379-1244 or 617-723-7676 or use our contact form.

Breakstone, White & Gluck Makes Kids’ Bicycle Helmet Donations in Quincy, Framingham and Westborough

Breakstone, White & Gluck is committed to protecting children on bicycles from serious head injuries. For the fifth year, our law firm will donate bicycle helmets to children in the Boston area as part of our Project KidSafe campaign. Once again, we are pleased to partner up with local police departments, schools, bicycle committees and community organizations to distribute the helmets.

Over the past four years, Breakstone, White & Gluck has donated more than 10,000 bicycle helmets to children. We are excited about the year ahead and invite you to follow along:  www.facebook.com/bwglaw.

Over the weekend, Breakstone, White & Gluck donated more than 350 bicycle helmets to three organizations:

Boston attorney David W. White with Quincy Police Community Policing Unit

Quincy Police Department. Attorney David W. White delivered 100 bicycle helmets to the Quincy Police Department on Friday afternoon. He was greeted by the Community Policing Unit, including: Officer White, Lieutenant Bina, and Officer Miller (shown in this photo with Attorney White. Photo courtesy of Quincy Police).

On Saturday, Quincy police officers gave the helmets away and spoke to families about bicycle safety at the Healthy Kids Day event at the South Shore YMCA. Read the Quincy police department’s announcement on our donation and bicycle safety tips.

Framingham Earth Day. We partnered up with the Framingham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Framingham Police Department for the fourth year, fitting children for helmets at the annual Framingham Earth Day celebration. The community welcomed us back as we fit 140 helmets and answered bicycle safety questions from families. The donation was coordinated by Bill Hanson, chair of the Framingham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. We are lucky to have Bill’s help; he has coordinated the donation for the past four years. Bill was also out fitting helmets for the kids, along with Attorney David W. White of Breakstone, White & Gluck and Framingham Police Officer Garrett Coffin.

Healthy Kids Day. For the fourth year, we donated more than 100 bicycle helmets for the Healthy Kids event at the Boroughs Family Branch of the YMCA of Central Massachusetts. The event was held on Saturday. The donation was coordinated by Bruce Tretter of the Westborough Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee, who was also on hand to fit helmets for the kids (he is shown in the photo below). Bruce has coordinated this donation for the past four years and we appreciate his efforts.

On June 10th, Attorney David W. White will join Bruce and the Westborough Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee at Spring Festival. This event is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Westborough.

Healthy Kids event in Westborough, Mass. 2017

Highlights from our 2017 Project KidSafe campaign:

-Breakstone, White & Gluck will partner with more than 30 community partners this year, including police departments, bicycle committees, schools and community organizations.

-We will donate 1,500 helmets within the City of Boston, including 600 helmets to the City of Boston. The Boston Police Department and Boston Bikes’ Roll It Forward initiative will receive helmets.

-Partner organizations include 10 police departments, including Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Everett, Randolph. Dedham, Norwood, Waltham, Framingham and Malden.

-Safe Routes to School in Massachusetts will receive 400 helmets for children in need who participate in its bicycle safety programming.

-We will partner up with CYCLE Kids and Somerville Public Schools again in June. Fifth-graders who finished the CYCLE Kids bicycle safety program will receive a brand-new helmet for safe summer riding.

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