The Facts About Cycling Safe in Massachusetts

Cycling is one of the most efficient, healthy, and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation in Massachusetts. Every day, Massachusetts cyclists take to the streets for their work, commute, recreation, and exercise.

This growing population of cyclists has not gone unnoticed, and local authorities have increased bike lanes and parking throughout the Commonwealth.

New laws have also been passed to protect cyclists by expanding their rights and responsibilities on Massachusetts roads.

With the tragic death of another Boston cyclist, the bicycle lawyers at Breakstone, White, and Gluck want to take a moment to review the current state of Massachusetts Bike Law (G.L. c. 85, § 11B).

Cyclists often have questions about changing laws in Massachusetts and how these changes affect their rights and obligations. Here are some of the most common questions Massachusetts cyclists have, linked to a brief summary of the answers:

What roads can I ride my bicycle on in Massachusetts?
Can I ride my bicycle on the sidewalks in Massachusetts?
Do bicyclists have to stop at red lights?
Do bicycle riders have to use hand signals?
Can cyclists ride next to each other?
Where can I park my bicycle?
Do I need lights on my bike?
Do I need reflectors on my bike?
What should I do if I am injured while riding my bike in Massachusetts?
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