Be Safe When Clearing Snow From Your Home’s Roof

snowroof_180.jpgWhen you think of winter, you may envision a beautiful white snow fall. But in Massachusetts, we know after the snow comes the hard cleanup.

For homeowners, the cleanup starts with frequently traveled areas, such as your front steps, driveway and sidewalks. It’s best to keep these areas shoveled and salted during the snowstorm as well as in the hours afterward, when freezing and snowdrifts occur. Staying vigilant is the best way to prevent slip and fall injuries on snow on your property.

Next, remember your roof and rain gutters. Neglecting your roof can be a safety hazard for your family and cause significant damage to your home.

When snow piles up on a roof, it acts as a sponge for sleet and rain. This will eventually leak and cause roof deterioration over time. The snow also puts weight on your roof, posing a threat for collapse.

More immediately, the snow can leak and freeze on driveways and walkways where someone could slip and fall. Minimize the risk with these tips:

  • Check your roof throughout a snowstorm so you are aware of snow accumulation and remove it as soon as possible.
  • Purchase a snow rake at your local hardware store so you can stand on the ground and clear snow.
  • Do not purchase a metal snow rake. It can conduct electricity if it crosses an electrical line.
  • Do not use a ladder to clear snow from your roof. The snow and ice on the ground and on your home are not stable enough to support a ladder.
  • Clear large icicles from roof overhangs, doorways and walkways.
  • Make sure you are capable of handling this cleanup yourself. If not, contact a local snow removal company.
  • Check your rain gutters for snow accumulation. Remove snow from visible areas.
  • Clean your gutters twice a year to prevent snow from clogging up.

It is important to keep your property safe by promptly removing snow after a snowstorm. Slip and falls in snow can result in severe personal injuries to you, your family and others. The law on cleaning up snow and ice have recently changed in Massachusetts, putting a greater responsibility on property owners. Click here to learn more.
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