Medical Mistakes and Medication Errors at Massachusetts and Rhode Island Hospitals

Doctor and patient in medical office
Doctor and patient in medical office

Patients should be aware of medical errors at Rhode Island and Massachusetts hospitals before they book their next procedure.

When you visit a hospital, you expect to be treated, then leave on your way to recovery. But two recent stories out of Massachusetts and Rhode Island should raise concern among patients. As medical malpractice lawyers, we hear about these stories too often, but the general public is not always informed.

When you book your next medical appointment or surgery, we urge to remember that any type of medical treatment is serious. Please take time to ask questions, even if you have to make an extra appointment with your doctor.

When you are admitted to the hospital for a day or overnight procedure, it is good practice to bring a relative or friend, someone who is familiar with your procedure and can ask nurses and doctors if something looks off-track. Have them carry a list of the medications you take daily in a notebook and show it to nurses. 

Have this person stay with you. If you are parent, stay with your child. You may have visited a hospital in the past for treatment and had a good experience, but medical mistakes and medication errors can still happen, especially in the summer. Each July, a new round of medical students head to hospitals to become interns. Meanwhile, like many of us, doctors and surgeons often take vacations. Make sure you understand who will be treating you before you arrive at the hospital. If your health allows, consider delaying your procedure a couple of months.

Rhode Island Hospital Medical Errors

On June 8, the state Department of Health announced it had entered into a consent agreement with Rhode Island Hospital, requiring the medical system to invest $1 million into patient safety initiatives following medical errors made in February and March. The hospital made errors in treating four patients.

In February, two patients underwent surgical procedures intended for someone else. In one case, a patient was mistakenly treated with a computed tomography angiography of the brain and neck. Meanwhile, another patient underwent an angiogram meant for someone else.

March brought more patient mix-ups and medical errors. On March 12, a patient underwent a spinal procedure on the wrong part of the spine. A few days later, the wrong patient received a mammogram.

Rhode Island Hospital has agreed to implement the recommendations of the Joint Commission, the national hospital accrediting body, and put new procedures in place. It also agreed to conduct faculty-wide training on patient identification and implementing procedures. An external compliance organization will provide monitoring and oversight for at least one year.

Boston Children’s Hospital Medication Errors

In Massachusetts, Boston Children’s Hospital has come under scrutiny for medication errors. A state and federal inspection report released this spring found three patients received the wrong medication last year and one died as a result.

The medication errors involved the antibiotic Zosyn and anesthetic Propofol. A nurse administered the Zosyn to a patient more than 12 hours too late. The patient developed an infection and died two days later. The two other patients were given overdoses of the Propofol. After the first overdose, hospital leaders proposed establishing new procedures for measuring doses, but no action was taken. Ten months later, another patient suffered an overdose.

In 2016, there were 47 medication errors that killed or seriously harmed patients at Massachusetts hospitals (Source: Boston Globe).

If You Have Been Injured by a Medication Error or Other Medical Mistake

Medical mistakes and medication errors are preventable. Doctors and hospitals have a responsibility to have procedures in place to prevent mistakes which could harm patients or cost them their lives.

Medication errors are common, even more so than shown by state data which only tracks the most serious errors. When someone dies unexpectedly in a hospital, it is critical to contact an experienced Boston medication malpractice lawyer who can investigate what happened and look at every step of treatment and the full medical records.

At Breakstone, White & Gluck, our lawyers specialize in handling medical malpractice claims on behalf of victims and their families. Our lawyers have been consistently recognized by Super Lawyers and U.S. News-Best Lawyers for our work in the area of medical malpractice. 

For a free legal consultation, contact us today at 800-379-1244 or 617-723-7676 or use our contact form.

Protect Yourself

If you are about to have a procedure, take advantage of the Internet. Patients now have a wealth of information available to them online. To learn more about patient safety, read this blog.

Aerial Photos of Cambridge’s Inman Square Show Safety Improvements for Cyclists

We had a fun opportunity to see Inman Square from up high a few weeks ago. Here are some of our photos:

The City of Cambridge has worked to improve safety for cyclists in Inman Square, recently adding new separated bike lanes on both sides of Cambridge Street, from Inman Square to Quincy Street, which approaches Harvard Square. This is .7 miles of new bike lanes with paint, flex posts and other temporary materials to help cyclists stand out. And the new lanes pass Cambridge Rindge & Latin, which serves more than 1,900 high school students. Last fall, the city also banned drivers from making certain left turns in Inman Square, after many years of bike crashes followed by a fatal bike accident last June.

Hampshire and Cambridge streets cross at Inman Square. In our photos, you can see a stretch of green bike lanes on Hampshire Street. These intersect with the new bike lanes on Cambridge Street, which are less visible, but they are there.

All the bike lanes look great. We hope they make the commute safer for cyclists and everyone on the roads.

More About Inman Square

Inman Square, known for its distinctive shops and restaurants, comes together around Hampshire and Cambridge streets. But there are several other streets that also meet here, making for a complicated intersection. These include Antrium Street, Fayette Street, Inman Street and Springfield Street. Prospect Street is at the other side of the triangle and the Somerville city line is nearby.

Inman Square on Google Maps

Inman Square on Google Maps.

The Inman Square Fire House – or Cambridge Fire Department Station 5 – and the Mayor Alfred E. Vellucci Community Plaza are two Inman Square landmarks. There are also several banks here and a number of businesses named after the neighborhood: Inman Pharmacy, Inman Square Laundromat, Inman Square Hardware, as well as Inman Square Apartments. Restaurants include City Girl Cafe, 1369 Coffee House and Punjabi Dhaba.

This area is not served by a MBTA subway station, so you have to drive, take the bus, walk or bike. The Central Square MBTA is just over a half mile away and Harvard Square is a mile. Because of this, many choose to bike. If you don’t have a bike, Inman Square has a Hubway bike share station.

Cycling is not allowed on the sidewalk (as in most business areas in Massachusetts, unless it is posted otherwise). But riding on the street is not easy. There have been numerous bicycle crashes here over the years. So many that Inman Square has been named the second top bike crash location in Massachusetts (Source: 2014 Top Crash Locations from MassDOT, dated August 2016). Only Central Square in Cambridge sees more bike accidents. In fact, nine out of the 10 top bike crash locations in Massachusetts are in Cambridge and Somerville, which is why the new protected bike lanes are so important.

After years of bike accidents in Inman Square, there was a fatal bike crash in June 2016, when a cyclist was tragically killed right at Hampshire and Cambridge streets. Amanda Phillips, just 27 years old, collided with a Jeep door which was left open. She was then struck by a landscaping truck. A few months later, another cyclist was killed by a truck crash in Porter Square, raising questions about safety there.

Back in Inman Square, the city banned motor vehicle traffic from making left-hand turns on key streets in October 2016. Motorists were banned from turning left from Hampshire Street onto Cambridge Street – and vice versa. They were also prohibited from turning left on Cambridge Street onto Antrium Street southbound. The city has strictly enforced the ban. The Cambridge Police Department issued more than 200 tickets in the first month of the new restriction; 133 drivers alone were ticketed within a 15-day period.

If you haven’t visited Cambridge in a while, you can expect to see a few changes next time you do. Cambridge Street is just one area with new bicycle lanes. For those who live or work in Inman Square – or commute through – you already know these streets well and have seen the changes firsthand. But please take a look at our photos and share them with others. The more drivers, cyclists and pedestrians understand about this intersection, the more prepared they will be to follow traffic rules, which will reduce bike crashes and pedestrian accidents.

About Breakstone, White & Gluck
Breakstone, White & Gluck is a Boston law firm specializing in personal injury. For more than 25 years, we have committed to supporting cyclists and improving safety conditions in Massachusetts. We support numerous bicycle clubs and advocacy groups, including MassBike, Boston Cyclists Union, Charles River Wheelmen, New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) and the Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC).

In 2017, we finished the fifth year of our Project KidSafe campaign, which has donated more than 15,000 bicycle helmets to children. Wearing a helmet is required by law for cyclists 16 and under in Massachusetts, but we want to encourage every cyclist to wear a helmet every time they ride. We have over 40 community partners helping us send out that message, including in Cambridge and Somerville.

In Cambridge, we partner with the Cambridge Police Department, CYCLE Kids and the Windsor Street Care Center to make donations each year. In Somerville, we have long partnered with Kiwanis Club of Somerville, CYCLE Kids and Somerville Public Schools, Groundwork Somerville and Shift Bicycle Community Collective.

Learn more Breakstone, White & Gluck
Visit our website to learn more about our support for cyclists, our Project KidSafe campaign or to meet our lawyers.

Breakstone, White & Gluck Receives Nancy King Award for Highest Percentage of Attorneys Participating

Breakstone, White & Gluck has received the Nancy King Award for its 100 percent participation in last year’s annual Walk to the Hill for Civil Legal Aid.

The Equal Justice Coalition, which organizes the annual Walk, recently presented our firm with the award. Attorneys Marc L. Breakstone, David W. White, Ronald E. Gluck and Reza Breakstone participated last year.

The Walk was held on January 28, 2016 at the State House in Boston. Hundreds of attorneys gathered in the Great Hall to hear from Chief Justice Ralph Gants of the Supreme Judicial Court and Attorney General Maura Healey. Several past presidents of the Massachusetts Bar Association participated, including Attorney David W. White, who served a term from 2007-2008.

The attorneys were then dispatched to speak to state Senators and Representatives and urge them to fund the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation line in the Fiscal Year 2017 state budget.

Last year’s campaign was successful, which should provide good motivation for even more attorneys to attend again this year. Governor Charlie Baker approved $18 million in funding for civil legal aid in the final Fiscal Year 2017 Budget of the Commonwealth. This was a $1 million increase over the prior year’s funding.

With the additional funding, the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation was able to help more low-income people facing homelessness, domestic violence, gain access to health care and other legal services.

To qualify for civil legal aid in Massachusetts, a family must earn no more than 125 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (or $30,375 a year for a family of four). Despite the increase, the Equal Justice Coalition reports that legal aid organizations are still forced to turn away 64 percent of those eligible because of a lack of funding.

This year, MLAC is seeking a $5 million increase for civil legal aid. To learn more about the event, visit

2016 Walk to the Hill Attendance awards were recently presented to these firms:

• Nancy King Award: Breakstone, White & Gluck (highest percentage of attorneys participating)
• Highest Participation Award: WilmerHale
• Exceptional Support Awards: Foley Hoag and Ropes & Gray

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Massachusetts Law: Property Owners Have Responsibility to Keep Their Property Reasonably Safe from Snow and Ice Hazards

dw-200-webMany of us would rather skip the shovels, snowblowers and ice scrapers this winter. But when the snow falls, remember that Massachusetts property owners have a responsibility to keep their property reasonably safe. So your shovel must come out.

For over 100 years, Massachusetts property owners enjoyed a special exemption from liability for “natural accumulations” of snow and ice. An injured person previously had to demonstrate that the accumulation was unnatural, such as the frozen discharge from a gutter, or a pile of plowed snow across a sidewalk. But for the past six years, Massachusetts has followed the rule of reasonable care.

All residential and commercial property owners now have to take reasonable steps to clear the snow and ice hazards and keep their property safe for traveling.

Massachusetts started following the rule of reasonable care after the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled in the case of Papadopoulos v. Target Corp., 457 Mass. 368 (2010).

Attorney David W. White has written on the rule, discussed the case in the media and participated in MCLE panels on property owners’ liability in snow and ice cases.

“Property owners must understand it is no longer optional to shovel so you should get out there early and keep up with it,” White said.

Read Attorney White’s comments in The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal and the Allston-Brighton Tab newspaper.

About Attorney David W. White
Attorney David W. White has distinguished himself for his advocacy on behalf of his clients and his leadership among Massachusetts lawyers. Attorney White is a past president of the Massachusetts Bar Association who has represented clients injured in personal injury cases for over 30 years. He has been selected as one of the Top 100 Super Lawyers in New England and Top 100 Super Lawyers in Massachusetts. Read more about Attorney David W. White.

About Breakstone, White & Gluck
The Boston personal injury lawyers at Breakstone, White & Gluck have over 100 years combined experience representing individuals who have been seriously injured in slip and fall accidents and snow and ice accidents caused by a property owner’s negligence. If you have been injured, it is important to learn your rights. For a free legal consultation, contact us at 800-379-1244 or 617-723-7676 or use our contact form.

Breakstone, White & Gluck Attorneys Named to Top 100 New England Super Lawyer List, Top 100 Massachusetts Super Lawyer List

Breakstone, White & Gluck - Boston personal injury lawyers

Congratulations to attorneys Marc L. Breakstone, David W. White and Ronald E. Gluck for being selected to the 2016 Super Lawyers lists. This is the 13th year our firm has been recognized by Super Lawyers for being among the best in New England at obtaining justice for those who have been injured by negligence in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.. Together, our three partners have over 100 years combined experience practicing law in Massachusetts. Here is how they were honored:

Attorney Marc L. Breakstone
Boston Attorney Marc BreakstoneCongratulations to Attorney Breakstone who was named a Top 100 New England Super Lawyer and a Top 100 Massachusetts Super Lawyer for 2016. Attorney Breakstone specializes in representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice and personal injury cases and has practiced in Boston for 30 years. For the 13th year, Attorney Breakstone was also recognized as as a Massachusetts Super Lawyer in the area of medical malpractice for plaintiffs (2004-2016). This is his 10th year on the Top 100 Massachusetts Super Lawyers list. He was selected as a Top 100 New England Super Lawyer for the fifth time.

Attorney David W. White
david-150-2Congratulations to Attorney David W. White, who was named a 2016 Massachusetts Super Lawyer in the area of personal injury, plaintiff representation. This is the 13th year he has been recognized for excellence among Massachusetts and New England lawyers. Attorney White has been selected to the Top 100 New England Super Lawyers list three times and to the Top 100 Massachusetts Super Lawyers list seven times.

Attorney White is a past president of the Massachusetts Bar Association and has practiced law in Boston for over 30 years. He has distinguished himself for his advocacy on behalf of his clients and his leadership among Massachusetts lawyers. Attorney White represents clients in all types of personal injury and insurance cases, including bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, motor vehicle accidents, product liability and dog bite cases.

Attorney Ronald E. Gluck
gluck_150Congratulations to Attorney Ronald E. Gluck, who was named a 2016 Massachusetts Super Lawyer in the area of personal injury, plaintiff representation. Attorney Gluck has been consistently recognized for excellence by Super Lawyers for 11 years. Attorney Gluck has practiced law in Boston for over 35 years and specializes in handling cases involving pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents.

About Super Lawyers
Super Lawyers is a multiphase selection process which rates attorneys in every state. The top 5 percent of attorneys are selected to Super Lawyers lists.

How the process works: Peer nominations and evaluations are combined with independent research by Super Lawyers, which is part of the Thomson Reuters company. Lawyers are evaluated on 12 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement on an annual, state-by-state basis. The company’s objective is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys which can be used as a resource for other attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel.

Super Lawyers listings are printed annually in Boston Magazine and are available on the Super Lawyers website. Read More

Breakstone, White & Gluck Donates 500 Bicycle Light Sets to Boston Cyclists

cyclist-1Breakstone, White & Gluck is teaming up with Boston Bikes, the City of Boston and cycling groups this week to remind cyclists to use bike lights. All over the city, cyclists are being surprised with free lights (if they need them), as part of Boston Bikes’ #BeBrilliant campaign to keep cyclists safe.

Breakstone, White & Gluck donated the 500 bicycle light sets to Boston Bikes, which is part of the City of Boston, for the third year. Boston Bikes staff and volunteer groups have been giving the lights away this week in Dorchester, Allston, Brighton, Dorchester, East Boston, Mattapan, Roxbury, South Boston and Downtown. Groups include Rozzie Bikes, Commonwheels Bicycle Collective and Bike Dorchester.

Under Massachusetts law, cyclists must use bike lights to help them stay visible to motorists. Cyclists must have a white light on the front of their bike and either a red light or a red reflector on the rear. This is an important reminder since Daylight Saving Time ended last weekend and the nights are getting darker earlier.

“As evenings get dark earlier, people who are driving, walking and bicycling need to be more aware of each other than ever,” said BTD Commissioner Gina N. Fiandaca, in an announcement posted on the city’s website. “Our top priority is ensuring the safety of people traveling on our streets, and we ask everyone to help us by slowing down and looking out for each other.

Here are a few safety tips for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

For Drivers

  • Follow the speed limit
  • Do not use cell phones
  • Always yield to pedestrians
  • When turning, slow down and look for bicyclists going straight
  • Make sure you do not open your car door into the path of a bicyclist or another driver
  • Do not park or stop in the bike or bus lane

For Pedestrians

  • Always use crosswalks
  • Avoid crossing the street between two parked cars
  • Wear reflective colored clothing

For Bicyclists

  • Always wear a bicycle helmet and use bike lights
  • Bike in the same direction as traffic, unless the street is marked otherwise
  • Stop at stop signs and follow all traffic signals
  • Wear reflective colored clothing
  • Use hand signals
  • Yield for pedestrians

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Project KidSafe Update: Breakstone, White & Gluck Supports Ashland Farmers Market and Tewksbury Police

Child riding a bicycle and wearing a bicycle helmet in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Our Project KidSafe campaign recently stopped in Ashland and Tewksbury, to donate bicycle helmets to kids at fun events geared toward safety.

On June 5th, the Tewksbury Police Department hosted its Annual Bike Safety Rodeo at Tewksbury Memorial High School. Children came out to ride despite some rain early in the morning. They circled the parking lot, ran an obstacle course and enjoyed time with other kids – and the Lowell Spinners mascot, Canaligator. Cyclists of all ages were offered free bicycle safety inspections.

Children who needed a new helmet were offered one from Breakstone, White & Gluck and the Project KidSafe campaign. Tewksbury police officers partnered with us on the donation and  fit the helmets for the kids.

“Please thank the attorneys for us for helping to keep our community safe!” Tewksbury police wrote us.

The Tewksbury Police Department actively works to protect cyclists of all ages with an annual Helmet Reward program. If an officer spots you riding a bicycle and wearing a helmet, you may just win tickets to a Lowell Spinners game. Local businesses provide support for the initiative.

Wearing a bicycle helmet is required for riders 16 years old or younger in Massachusetts, but it is good practice for anyone riding a bicycle. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce the risk for a serious head injury by 50 percent. Other studies have reported it offers even more protection.

child wearing a bicycle helmet at the Ashland Farmers MarketOn June 18th, the Ashland Farmers Market celebrated its 5th anniversary. Breakstone, White & Gluck donated 75 children’s bicycle helmets for the event. We thank students and members of the community who took time to distribute and fit helmets for the kids.

The Ashland Farmers Market is organized by volunteers, with a goal of providing local farmers and small businesses a venue to sell goods to the community. Visitors can get produce and food there, as well as nutrition tips and suggestions on environmentally friendly practices for home and commuting. The committee has made bicycle safety a priority and this is the third year we have donated bicycle helmets.

About Project KidSafe
Breakstone, White & Gluck has donated over 10,000 bicycle helmets to children in Massachusetts through our Project KidSafe campaign. We launched our campaign in 2013, with a simple goal: to help children ride safely and prevent head injuries. This year, we are proud to donate helmets to children at community events in Boston, Cambridge, Arlington, Somerville, Dedham, Worcester and other communities. We are also making donations to more than 10 local police departments.

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Attorney Marc Breakstone Provides Legal Commentary in Boston Globe Article on Former Student’s Negligence Lawsuit Against Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Attorney Marc Breakstone commented as a legal expert in a Boston Globe article this week on Worcester Polytechnical Institute’s (WPI) response to a negligence lawsuit, brought by a former student who was raped while studying abroad. The college responded that the student was partially responsible.

“It’s a strategy that, frankly, often backfires in trial because the jury gets incensed,” Attorney Breakstone said.

This is a comparative negligence argument. This is traditionally an argument defense lawyers try and make for slip-and-fall cases or other accidents. In these cases, juries are left to assign a percentage of blame on the defendant and the plaintiff. In this case, Attorney Breakstone called the use, “repugnant.”

According to The Boston Globe, the student was raped in Puerto Rico, by a security guard who worked at the apartment building where students lived. The security guard was a convicted felon at the time. He has since been convicted for her rape and is now serving a 20-year prison sentence.

The student and her parents have sued WPI, alleging the school failed to properly ensure the apartment building was safe for students. The lawsuit was filed against WPI and several administrators and seeks unspecified damages from the college, including legal costs.

In response, WPI’s attorneys have asserted the victim was partially responsible because she ignored the information and training provided by the college, as well as her own common sense, and she drank excessively that night and followed the security guard onto the roof, where the crime occurred.

About Attorney Marc Breakstone

Boston Attorney Marc BreakstoneAttorney Marc Breakstone has established a reputation as one of the top medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers in Massachusetts and New England. He has represented clients in Massachusetts for 30 years. He works tirelessly to ensure his clients receive full and fair compensation as well as achieve the most favorable medical result.

He has been recognized as a Top 100 New England Super Lawyer, a Top 100 Massachusetts Super Lawyer and a Massachusetts Super Lawyer in Plaintiff’s Medical Malpractice. He regularly provides legal commentary to the media on complex cases involving negligence, medical malpractice and transportation.

About Breakstone, White & Gluck
The Boston personal injury attorneys at Breakstone, White & Gluck have over 100 years combined experience handling motor vehicle accident cases resulting in serious personal injury or wrongful death. If you have been injured, it is important to learn your rights. For a free legal consultation, contact us at 800-379-1244 or 617-723-7676 or use our contact form.

Breakstone, White & Gluck Donates Children’s Bicycle Helmets to Boston School and Cambridge Medical Clinic

Children wearing bicycle helmets at the Windsor Street Care Center in Cambridge, Massachusets

As part of our Project KidSafe campaign, Breakstone, White & Gluck recently made two donations to help children in Boston and Cambridge ride their bicycles safely.

Children wearing bicycle helmets at the Windsor Street Care Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Windsor Street Care Center
Breakstone, White & Gluck was pleased to donate 100 bicycle helmets to the Windsor Street Care Center in Cambridge. This is the second year we have partnered with the center. Doctors and staff give the helmets to children who need one, while also showing parents and older children how to properly fit the helmets themselves.

Haynes Early Education Center
Breakstone, White & Gluck was also pleased to donate 75 bicycle helmets for the Healthy Families Event at Haynes Early Education Center, which is part of the Boston public school system. The school, which is located in Roxbury, serves children in kindergarten and grade 1. The Healthy Families Event was held in late March to provide families with safety information before the Spring cycling season.


The Importance of Bicycle Helmets
Breakstone, White & Gluck cares about the safety of cyclists. Since 2013, our law firm has donated over 10,000 bicycle helmets to children in eastern Massachusetts through our Project KidSafe campaign.

Our goal is to encourage children to wear bicycle helmets starting early. Wearing a bicycle helmet is a simple and effective way to protect a cyclist from a head injury. But the key is the helmet must be in good condition and properly fit. Parents also play a critical role, by wearing a bicycle helmet to set a good example for their children.

Massachusetts law requires any person 16 years old or younger riding a bicycle to wear a helmet. By wearing a helmet, cyclists can reduce their chance for head injury by 50 percent, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Other studies have found bicycle helmets have an even greater impact in protecting children from falls or bicycle accidents.

About Breakstone, White & Gluck
Breakstone, White & Gluck is a Boston personal injury law firm which is committed to the safety of all bicyclists in Massachusetts. We have over 100 years combined experience representing bicyclists injured by the negligence of others. If you, or a member of your family, has been injured in a bicycle incident, please feel free to contact us for a free legal consultation at 800-379-1244 or 617-723-7676 or use our contact form. Thank you and RIDE SAFE!

Breakstone, White & Gluck Donates Bicycle Helmets to Kids in Easthampton

Breakstone, White & Gluck was pleased to donate 140 bicycle helmets to children in Easthampton yesterday, with help from many hands in the community who care about bicycle safety.

We donated the helmets through our Project KidSafe campaign at an “Event to Celebrate Bike Safety in Easthampton,” organized by the Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition, the Easthampton Public Schools, the Easthampton Police Department and Northwest District Attorney David E. Sullivan’s office.


Photo: School Resource Officer Alan Schadel; Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan; Stephen Linsky and Ruth Ever of the Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition; Attorney David W. White of Breakstone, White & Gluck and from the schools, Nancy Follansbee, Superintendent of Easthampton Schools; Judy Averill; Maple School Principal, Allison Rebello, Principal of Center and Pepin elementary schools; Andrea McCallum, Assistant Principal at Center Elementary School.

The children who received the helmets attend elementary school. In some cases, school administrators selected students who rode bikes and had no access to a safe helmet. But for the most part, children were sent home from school with a flyer and given the opportunity to sign up for a free bicycle helmet raffle.

Children and parents showed up together yesterday at the Easthampton Public Safety Complex. Some of the families came in on the Manhan Rail Trail, a six-mile cycling path which runs through Easthampton and stops at the building.

Attorney David White and School Resource Officer Alan Schadel fit the helmets for the kids. It was a great event because the children and parents were so interested in learning about the proper way to fit a helmet. The Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition offered kids reflectors and other safety accessories to ride safely.

Breakstone, White & Gluck is now in our fourth year of the Project KidSafe campaign and has donated over 10,000 bicycle helmets to children in Massachusetts. Our goal is to keep children safe and prevent traumatic brain injuries from bicycle accidents. Cyclists of all ages can help protect themselves by wearing a helmet which properly fits, every time they ride. By wearing a helmet, cyclists reduce their chance for head injury by 50 percent, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

For help fitting a bicycle helmet, watch the video on our website:

Breakstone, White & Gluck donated 140 of these bicycle helmets to children in the Easthampton public schools.

Attorney David White getting the kids excited about riding their bicycles, safely. He asked each child to promise to wear their helmet every time they ride.

easthampton-instagram-1.jpgAttorney David White and a young cyclist who received a bicycle helmet.

20160509-IMG_9035-2.jpgEasthampton School Resource Officer Alan Schadel helps a child with his new bicycle helmet.

20160509-_MG_8912.jpgChildren who needed a helmet signed these flyers to enter a raffle.

About Breakstone, White & Gluck
Breakstone, White & Gluck is a Boston personal injury law firm which is committed to the safety of all bicyclists in Massachusetts. We have over 100 years combined experience representing bicyclists injured by the negligence of others. If you, or a member of your family, has been injured in a bicycle incident, please feel free to contact us for a free legal consultation at 800-379-1244 or 617-723-7676 or use our contact form. Thank you and RIDE SAFE!