MBTA D-Line Trolley Cars Collide in Newton, MA; Several Injuries and One Death Reported

UPDATE: Breakstone, White & Gluck will be representing the most seriously injured passenger from this accident. Please check our news page for more information on the suit filed for this MBTA accident case.

ORIGINAL BLOG: A serious crash involving two MBTA D Line trolleys on May 28th has left the
operator of the second train dead, and dozens of passengers injured and hospitalized. The accident happened as the commuter trains were approaching the Woodland Station in Newton. The first two-car trolley was stopped at a red signal when it was rear-ended by the second two-car train.

Both Green Line trains were packed with evening rush-hour commuters, heading home at about 6:00 PM. Passengers were thrown to the floor. Several were treated on a nearby golf course; several were taken by ambulance to area hospitals with serious injuries; one was taken by MedFlight to the trauma center at Boston Medical Center. Many other passengers found their way to hospitals on their own.

Both of the smashed MBTA trains were derailed by the impact. Reports indicate that some passengers were thrown as much as 20 feet inside the cars.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority operator who died was the driver of the second trolley.

The Green Line is the most heavily-traveled light rail line in the country.
The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident, along with T officials and other local authorities.

The D Line accident follows a series of smaller accidents on the MBTA, and follows the serious commuter rail accident in Canton, Massachusetts, which occurred on March 25th when a freight car struck a commuter rail train.

What to do if you were injured.
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