Play It Safe and Avoid Injury This Baseball Season

Major League Baseball has opened its season and baseball players of all ages are stepping up to the plate across Massachusetts. Breakstone, White & Gluck wants you and your family to play it safe and enjoy the game.

Here, our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers offer safety tips on equipment, pitching and recovering from injuries:

Equipment and Field Safety

  • Batting helmets must be worn whenever a player is waiting to bat, is at bat or is running the bases.
  • Players should be instructed to have their attention focused on the batter, even when they are not actively involved in the game.
  • Younger players should use balls that are partly rubberized to minimize the risk of injury.

Excessive Pitching

  • Make sure pitchers follow league requirements for the number of innings they throw.
  • You should also check the pitch count limits recommended by Youth USA Little League and the American Sports Medicine Institute.

How Coaches Can Identify Concussions

  • The player appears dazed.
  • The player is confused about their playing assignment.
  • The player is unsure of the score or who the opponent is.
  • The player moves clumsily or has poor balance.

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