Honda Recalls 384,000 Vehicles for Faulty Ignition Interlocks

Honda has recalled 384,000 vehicles for faulty ignition interlocks that allow drivers to shut off the engine and remove their keys before placing the vehicle into park.

The motor vehicle recall follows at least 28 complaints, 10 of which allege rollaway motor vehicle crashes. In one case, a female owner said she was almost into her house when she noticed her car rolling out of the garage. The car crashed into a cable box at the end of the driveway. In another case, an owner stated the vehicle rolled out of a driveway and crashed into a tree across the street.

One complaint involved a minor injury, Honda said in a statement.

The product recall announced last week involves 197,000 Accords and 117,000 Civics from 2003 and 69,000 Honda Elements from 2003-2004.

Honda has recalled vehicles for similar problems in 2003 and 2005. In those cases, the recalls involved Accords, Odysseys, Acuras and Preludes.

If your vehicle is involved in the Honda recall, you can visit the company’s recall website at or call its recall center at 800-999-1009, option 4. By calling the recall center, you can determine if your vehicle is actually impacted by the recall. Due to a production change during the model years, Honda said some of the vehicles may not have the ignition problem.

Honda expects to mail recall notices in late September and start the process of repairing vehicles. Motor vehicle repairs will be free.

Until then, concerned drivers may contact their local dealer, but Honda said they have not received replacement parts yet.

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