Breakstone, White & Gluck Makes Helmet Donations in Arlington and Watertown

arlington-elementary-schools-2016-editAs part of our Project KidSafe campaign, Breakstone, White & Gluck recently donated children’s bicycle helmets in Arlington and Watertown.

We donated 300 helmets in Arlington, where we have partnered with the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee and donated helmets for the past three years.

On September 17th, the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee distributed 70 of our Project KidSafe helmets at Arlington Town Day.

“Town Day is always a highlight of the year for us and it is great to be able to help people out with the helmets and vests,” Chairman Chris Tonkin wrote us.

The committee also coordinated our donation of 170 helmets to the Arlington Public Schools last Spring. Our Project KidSafe bicycle helmets were donated to children who needed one during Walk to School Day events for elementary school students.  In April, Breakstone, White & Gluck also made a donation to the iCan Shine Bike Camp. The camp meets during April school vacation and teaches individuals with disabilities age 8 and older how to ride a bicycle. We have partnered with the camp to make this donation for the past three years.

arlington-town-day-2016-editOn September 24th, the Watertown Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee donated 100 helmets to children at the Watertown Faire on the Square. This was the third year we have partnered with the committee.

We thank the committee members in both communities for taking time to fit the helmets and answer questions about safety.

Breakstone, White & Gluck cares about the safety of cyclists in Massachusetts and actively supports cycling safety in the Boston area. We launched our Project KidSafe campaign in 2013 to protect children. Our goal was to give children access to a safe bicycle helmet, which properly fits and help them understand the importance of wearing one every time they ride. Read more about our 2016 Project KidSafe campaign.

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Photos: Top, students in Arlington Public Schools receive new helmets during a Walk to School Day event. Middle, Chris Tonkin of the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee talks about bicycle safety at Arlington Town Day in 2016. Bottom, children at the Watertown Faire on the Square give a thumbs up for our Project KidSafe bicycle helmets.