Another Myth of the Medical Malpractice Crises Debunked!

There has been no end to the cries of doom from the doctors and their insurers about the medical malpractice crisis in the United States. But wait, what’s this? Good news! Medical malpractice insurance rates–at least in Pennsylvania–are dropping. Yes, dropping!

Now you may be wondering, why is it significant that rates are dropping in Pennsylvania, when you probably are a Massachusetts resident, like us. The reason is that the insurer is ProMutual, which is located in Boston. ProMutual is the the main medical malpractice insurer in Massachusetts, covering most of the doctors outside of the Harvard teaching hospitals.

ProMutual has gradually been extending its domain, and it has spread from the six New England states to New
Jersey and Pennsylvania, two of the “crisis” hot spots in the last few years. (A quick Google search will lead to you stories about white-coated doctors swarming the state capital in New Jersey, warning of medical disasters which still have not occurred.)

The good news for Pennsylvania doctors: a six percent decrease in their premiums, on average. Now maybe
ProMutual will think whether it already has enough in its $2.2 billion in assets to consider dropping rates here in Massachusetts.

We think the answer is an obvious YES, which will help doctors here in Massachusetts.

We believe that the entire medical malpractice “crisis” is a ruse designed by insurance companies to restrict the
rights of injured consumers.  Fortunately legislators in Massachusetts have resisted pressures for further restrictions of your rights, and it is unlikely that there will be any bills threatening your rights before the end of the 2008 legislative session.

Medical malpractice cases are serious and complex, and often involve debilitating injuries. We have decades of
experience helping victims of medical negligence, and we would be pleased to evaluate your case.

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